iPlant with Brigitte Mars is a wild plant medicinal reference that delivers accurate, dependable information on North American edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants.  Author, professor, and plant expert Brigitte Mars shares detailed information on plant etymology, physiological effects, medicinal and edible uses, constituents, and contraindications.  iPlant is also designed to aid wild plant identification with high-resolution color photos from photographers such as the renowned Martin Wall.  Click Here to Purchase iPlant!

Brigitte Mars is an herbalist from Boulder, Colorado, with over 40 years’ experience in natural lifestyles.  Brigitte lived for two and a half years on wild edible plants while living in a tipi in the Ozarks during the early seventies.  Brigitte is the author of The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine, Country Almanac of Home Remedies, Addiction Free Naturally, The Sexual Herbal, The HempNut Cookbook, Rawsome!, and Healing Herbal Teas.

Brigitte teaches at Naropa University, Bauman College of Holistic Health, The School of Natural Medicine, Just for the Health of It School of Reflexology and Healing Arts, Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Esalen Institute, Kripalu, and at an Icelandic healing arts school called Heilsumeistraskolinn.  Brigitte also has a private practice and a local weekly radio show on KGNU called Naturally.

Hundreds of high resolution photos help you identify each plant.

Search quickly and easily through iPlant’s extensive database of medicinal plants.


Trustworthy information validated by years of experience and professional certifications.

iPlant Data

“This app is significantly improved from previous versions. The addition of new content from Brigitte Mars really boosted the app, and better photos from Martin Wall add to the upgraded look and feel.” – GreenerThumb

“Great photos.  I’m a novice at knowing plants, and this will do just the trick at helping me identify plants while on backpacking trips.” – Jared

“Love the updates. And the new content really makes things easier. We use it with our Scouts to identify local plants…” – Wade

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Bacopa monnieri 20130811001278
Ocimum basilicum 003


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